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CS101 Assignment no 04 Fall 2012 Solution By Virtual University of Pakistan

Assignment No. 04 Semester: Fall 2012 Introduction to Computing-CS101 Total Marks: 15   Due Date:24/01/2013   Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:   You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS. Assignment should be completed by your own efforts it should not be copied from internet, handouts or books. You should submit ... Read More »

CS101 Assignments # 5 Solution Spring 2012

Question No.  1:                              [10 marks] (5 * 1 = 5) for column “a” and (5 * 0.5 = 2.5) for column “b “and (5 * 0.5 = 2.5) for column “c”. A Comparison table is given below showing different technologies. You have to fill the columns a, b and c respectively by using given instructions: Instructions for Column “a” to ... Read More »

CS101 Assignments # 4 Solution Spring 2012

Question [10 marks] Topic: Neural Network Learning Paradigm with Applications. Make 5 slides in power point on the above given topic: Slides 1: Intro of student ( Course name Student ID, Name, Discipline(Bachelor/Masters)) Slide 2: Topic name with topic Introduction Slide 3: Topic’s brief description Slide 4: Pros/Cons of Relevant Topic Slide 5: Conclusion Solution:- Slide 1:- Slide 2:- Slide ... Read More »

CS101 Assignments # 3 Solution Spring 2012

Question 1         [2 marks for each formula, if range is not given inside the formula then zero marks,  5 * 2 = 10 marks] Suppose following is a work sheet of MS Excel. Apply the appropriate formulas in MS Excel to find the output of the below mentioned requirements: Sum of Marks of all subjects Average of all Marks Highest ... Read More »

CS101 Assignments # 2 Solution Spring 2012

Question 1         [10 marks] Make a form in HTML document containing only one filed named as Email and one Submit Button. Write your own JavaScript function to validate the email address. The Validation should be as follows: It must accept only your VU Student email address. It must not accept any other student VU email address. It must show alert ... Read More »

CS101 Assignments # 1 Solution Spring 2012

Assignment No. 01 Solution Semester: Spring 2012 Introduction to Computing-CS101  Total Marks:   20  Due Date: 18-04-2012  Objective: To understand the fundamental concepts of computing and Web design. Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment: Assignment should be in your own wordings not copied from internet, handouts or books. It should be clear that your assignment ... Read More »