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CS201 Assignment no 02 complete idea solution has been uploaded

CS201 Colpmete Idea Solution Step 1 Copy and paste below given code on Dev C++ compiler #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; void DisplayVUID(); void DisplayReverse(char[],int); void StoreDiagonal(); int main(){ DisplayVUID(); char VUID[12] = {‘B’,’C’,’0′,”1,’2′,’3′,’4,’5′,’6′,’7′,’8′}; DisplayReverse(VUID,11); StoreDiagonal(); system(“pause”); } void DisplayVUID(){ char VUID[12] = “BC012345678”; cout << “My VUID is: “; for(int i=0; i<12; i++){ cout << VUID[i]; } ... Read More »

CS201 Assignment no 02 Spring 2013 Solution has been uploaded

  Assignment No. 02 Semester: Spring 2013 CS201: Introduction to Programming Total Marks: 20   Due Date:15/05/2013   Instructions: Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:   The assignment is submitted after due date. The submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt. Assignment ... Read More »

CS201 Solved Mid Term Paper Fall 2010

Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one The function of cin is To display message  To read data from keyboard To display output on the screen To send data to printer Question No: 2 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one In C/C++ language the header file which is used to perform useful task and ... Read More »

CS201 Solved Mid Term Paper Spring 2012

Question No: 1 There are mainly——————- types of software Two Three Four Five Question No: 2 In C/C++ the #include is called, Header file Preprocessor Directive Statement Function Question No: 3 && is—————— operator. An arithmetic Logical Relational Unary Question No: 4 In flow chart, the symbol used for decision making is, Rectangle Circle Arrow Diamond Question No: 5 The ... Read More »

CS201 Assignments # 5 Solution Spring 2012

Problem Statement:     Customer Bill Information      Write a program that takes customer’s information from user i.e. name, ID and spending and displays the same customer information plus total bill on the screen. You will use the same Customer class implemented in Assignment#3. You need to overload stream insertion << and stream extraction >> operators for the Customer class. Detailed ... Read More »

CS201 Assignments # 4 Solution Spring 2012

Problem Statement: Location Calculation You are required to write a program for calculating location somewhere on the map. There are two parameters (coordinates) used in calculating a location. One is longitude and the other is latitude. You need to overload ++, –, new and delete operators for this. Detailed Description:  You are required to create a class named Location. ... Read More »

CS201 Assignments # 3 Solution Spring 2012

Problem Statement:     Calculating customer’s bill using classes      You are required to write a program for calculating the bill of a customer according to the amount spent on shopping. A customer will be an object of a class. Each object has a name, customer ID and amount spent on shopping, as its data members. You will calculate the total ... Read More »

CS201 Assignments # 2 Solution Spring 2012

Problem Statement: Temperature Calculation system Write a program that displays average, highest and lowest temperatures. Detailed Description: • The program will take temperature readings as input from user for specified number of consecutive days. • Program will store these temperature values into an array. • Then it will pass this array to three different functions. • One function will return ... Read More »

CS201 Assignments # 1 Solution Spring 2012

Assignment Problem Statement: Challan Calculator for Traffic Violation You are required to write a program for calculating challan for traffic violations. The basic idea is that user will enter the type of violation and number of days passed till date of challan. The challan calculator will calculate the challan based upon the type of violation and number of days. Detailed ... Read More »