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Wednesday , 24 October 2018
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CS301 Assignments # 5 Solution Spring 2012

Question. 1       (10 Marks) Consider the following MAX HEAP, represent this heap in the form of an array, start the array index from 1 instead of 0. Question 2.          (10 Marks) Consider the following array, the value on each index of this array represents the node value of a complete binary tree, you are required to create the complete binary ... Read More »

CS301 Assignments # 3 Solution Spring 2012

Suppose you are given a string “You will receive this message in two days”, Use Huffman Encoding algorithm to create a binary tree with this string. Solution Guidelines: In step 1, You have to create a frequency table of characters along with their frequencies. In step 2: You have to create Binary Tree from letters and their frequencies created in ... Read More »

CS301 Assignments # 2 Solution Spring 2012

Suppose some VU campuses are connected to a central server placed at Lahore campus via leased lines such that each campus has a one hop (direct) connectivity to the central server or it has multi hop connection to Lahore campus via other campuses at provincial head quarters or regional campuses which are in turn connected to the Lahore Campus. Here ... Read More »

CS301 Assignments # 1 Solution Spring 2012

We need to store a number of Cricket Players and their Scores in a list using Linked List Data Structure. The data of the players will comprise of their Names and Scores, which means each Node of the Linked List will contain Player Name, Player Score and Next Pointer as follows, You need to write a C++ Program which contains ... Read More »