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CS304 Solved Quizs Mega Collection for final by Arslan Ali

It is illegal to make objects of one class members of another class. Select correct option: True False   An abstract class is useful when Select correct option: no classes should be derived from it. there are multiple paths from one derived class to another. no objects should be instantiated from its. you want to defer the declaration of the ... Read More »

CS304 Latest Solved Quizs Mega Collection for Final By Arslan Ali

A template provides a convenient way to make a family of Select correct option: variables and data members functions and classes classes and exceptions programs and algorithms A class template may inherit from another class template. Select correct option: True False   Target of a _____ function call is determined at run time. Select correct option: instance virtual operator none ... Read More »

CS304 Solved latest MCQs Mega Collection for Mid term Papers

Question _____ is creating objects of one class inside another class. Association Composition Aggregation Inheritance Question If we are create array of objects through new operator, then We can call overloaded constructor through new We can’t call overloaded constructor through new We can call default constructor through new None of the given Question Object can be declared constant with the ... Read More »

CS304 Solved Quizs befor Mid Term Papers mega Collection

What type of relationship exists between “Account” class and “SavingAccount” class? Inheritance Composition Aggregation Association Select correct line of code for inheritance relationship between “Nationality” class and “Citizen” class. “Nationality” is parent class while “Citizen” is child class. class Citizen: public Nationality class Nationality: public Citizen class Citizen:: public Nationality class Nationality:: public Citizen Identify which of the following overloaded ... Read More »

CS304 Solved MCQs For Mid Term papers

VU will provide you all type of Old Papers and Solved MCQs of CS304 and all other subjects. Take the following MCQs as an Idea and also Try to solved these MCQs yourself for better Preparation of Upcoming Quizs and Mid term Papers Identify which of the following overloaded operator function’s declaration is appropriate for the given call? Rational_number_1 ... Read More »