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Friday , 19 October 2018
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CS401 Assignments # 4 Solution Spring 2012

a)      Interrupts are used to invoke system activities that have to be performed on regular basis. Programmable interval timer (PIT) is using triggers that interrupt when it reaches the programmed count. Find out whether the frequency of Programmable Interval Timer (PIT) is fixed or not (for IBM PC compatibles)? Also give example how time tick generated through Programmable Interval Timer? ... Read More »

CS401 Assignments # 3 Solution Spring 2012

Question: DC motor (fig 1) is operated through two terminals, whenever the potential difference is created (through batteries, cells etc) across these terminals the motor starts its motion. Suppose we have connected a DC motor to our system’s parallel port through a secure circuitry (fig 3). We wish to operate the DC motor through our parallel port (fig 2) using ... Read More »

CS401 Assignments # 2 Solution Spring 2012

Question no. 1: Assuming the following Assembly language code, assemble it and at the end of each instruction, show the changed values ofALand the indicated FLAGS. MOVAL, 8Bh                      AL=8B, CF = 0, SF = 0, PF = 0, ZF = 0; ADDAL, 22h                        AL=AD, CF = 0, SF = 1, PF = 0, ZF = 0; AND Al, 1000101b               AL=05, CF = 0, ... Read More »

CS401 Assignments # 1 Solution Spring 2012

Question No. 1: Calculate physical address of your AFD window contains CS and IP register (segment offset pairs). Explain each and every step for calculating the physical address.  Note: Provide snapshot of your AFD window. Please give us this type of your AFD window and mention which segment register value and offset value you have used for calculating physical address. ... Read More »