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CS408 Solved Quizzes for Mid Term Solved by Zubair Muharvi

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 04:50:24 PM ) Total Marks: 1 Choice of operations and services are offered on the screen through_________ Select correct option: Pointers Menus Toolbars None of the given ————- Question # 3 of 10 ( Start time: 04:51:54 PM ) Total Marks: 1 The colors, which are directly opposite to each other are ... Read More »

CS410 today solved Quizs 3 fall 2012 (09 January 2013)

QUESTION If we press a normal key from keyboard, the number of byte(s) sent to keyboard buffer are: Select correct option: 1 2 3   (Not Sure) 4 QUESTION Which of the following is compulsory about a keyboard accelerator? Select correct option: Identifier of Keyboard accelerator must start with “ID_”. Accelerator and corresponding menu item must have identical identifiers. You ... Read More »

CS408 Solved Quiz Lect 1 to 23 Collection by Arslan ali and M. Zeeshan

________ aspect gives us hints and tips about using and creating user interface idioms, like dialog boxes and pushbuttons. A. Efficient. B. Strategic. C. Tactical. D. Reliable. Only A Only C A and C B and D Social science and usability texts are full of methods and techniques for conducting _______ research. Quantitative Qualitative SME None of these Building things ... Read More »

CS408 Quiz 2 (1 Jan 2013) Solved by Arslan Ali and M. Zeeshan

Question A small picture that is used to represent a closed window is said to be a/an Select correct option: menu toolbar status bar icon  Question Choice of operations and services are offered on the screen through________ Select correct option: Pointers Toolbars Menus  None of the given Question ________ aspect guides us to think about user interface idioms in other ... Read More »

CS408 Solved Subjective Mega Collection for Mid term Papers

Qno.1    Define Attention Answer:- Attention is the process of selecting things to concentrate on, at a point in time, from the range of possibilities available Qno.2    Define Recognition Answer:- Recognition refers to act of recognizing or the state of being recognized, identification of something as having been previously seen, heard, and known as.   Qno.3    what is the difference between Tertiary and Analogous colors? [2] Answer:- These are the colors formed by mixing one ... Read More »

CS408 today solved Quizs Fall 2012

Question HCI deals with Select correct option: Design of interactive system only Evaluation of interactive system only Implementation of interactive system only All of the given choices Question Which of the following is not one of the goals of HCI? Select correct option: To produce usable systems To produce safe systems To produce non-functional systems To improve effectiveness of the ... Read More »

CS408 solved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid term

 Question Which of the following device can not be useful for a visually impaired person? Select correct option: a typical keyboard a typical monitor a typical speaker a typical processor  Question Which of the following is/are goal(s) of usability? Select correct option: Effectiveness Efficiency Safety All of the given  Question Which of the following is/are the main component(s) of color? ... Read More »

CS408 Solved MCQs Fall 2012 (15 November 2012)

Question # 1 of 10 What are the three types of reasoning? Select correct option: Deductive, Productive and Inductive Adductive, Inductive and Deductive Inductive, Adductive and Reproductive Productive, Reproductive and Deductive Question # 2 of 10 Which are the most significant senses for the average person when it comes to interacting with a computer? Select correct option: Sight and hearing ... Read More »