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Sunday , 21 October 2018
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CS504 Assignment no 01 Idea Solution Spring has been uploaded

Question No. 1 What are the business requirements of given Online Virtual Drive System? Your answer should not exceed more than three lines. Answer: we are going to develop online virtual drive application in which storage of important data by accessing at different places will be carried out. It will be web based application which will manage the data of ... Read More »

CS504 Assignment no 05 Fall 2012

Assignment No. 05 Semester: Fall 2012 CS504: Software Engineering-I Total Marks: 20 Due Date: 14/01/13 Instructions Please read the following instructions carefully before assignment submission. It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit if:   Assignment Description: Consider the online budgeting control system again, this time you are required to draw a deployment diagram for the ... Read More »