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CS506 today Solved Quizs by M. Zeeshan (28th December 2012)

Question Which of the following feature provides the facility for multiple inheritance? Select correct option: Adapter classes Wrapper classes Interfaces Collections Question To compare the values of two strings, _______ must be used. Select correct option: = Operator == Operator (Equal) Operator None of above Question The collection API are defined in _______ package. Select correct option: java.util java.awt ... Read More »

CS506 today solved Quizs by Arslan Ali 28 December 2012

Question If a class needs to handle events generated by button then which of the following interface a class needs to implement? Select correct option: ComponentListener KeyListener MouseListener ActionListener  Question WindowListener interface contains _______ methods. Select correct option: Four Six Seven  Eight Question What will happen if static modifier is removed from the signature of main method? Select correct option: ... Read More »

CS506 Solved and Unsolved MCQs for Final Term Papers

Question Which of the following is NOT a part of HTTP request? Select correct option: Request method URI Status code Header fields One is more that name is body Question Which of the following method needs to override while handling threads in java? Select correct option: init() start() run() runnable() Question Which of the following problem occurs with lower priority ... Read More »

CS506 unsolved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid Term Papers upload a big collection of unsolved MCQs and Quizsfor the Mid Term Papers try to solved these Quizs and MCQs and try to solved these CS506 Quizs and MCQs yourself. Question Which of the following feature provide facility for multiple inheritance:- Adapter Classes Wrapper Classes Interface Collection Question The relationship between class and interface is called ________ ‘Is a’ relationship ... Read More »