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CS507 Solved Quiz & MCQs Fall 2013 for Mid term papers

Quiz Start Time: 05:56 PM Time Left 11 sec(s) Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 05:56:19 PM) Total Marks: 1 Which of the following decision making approach is followed when the situation is complex and no standard solutions exist for resolving the situation?   Select correct option: Structured decision making approach Semi structured decision making approach Psychological decision ... Read More »

CS507 today mid term paper (11 December 2012)

Total Question 26 MCQs 20 Mostly MCQs was from Past Papers Question of 2 Marks Bureaucratic model? 2 one q from waterfalls and spiral model? knowledge system definition Question of 3 Marks feasibility study? examples of¬†structured, unstructured and semi-structured? Explain TQM and its tool ? what are the documents required in development phase? Question of 5 Marks scope creep,in which ... Read More »