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CS604 Today solved Final Paper (26 Feb 2013) by Arslan Ali

All 40 MCQs was so easy and mostly from Past papers   Question of 2 Markx:- 1.       Suggest some way to reduce the External Fragmentation? 2.       Define Lazy Swapping with respect to Virtual Memory? 3.       Let us consider an example of frame allocation; Number of frame = 64 Number of processes = 3 Process size: p0 = 10 pages, p1 ... Read More »

CS604 Solved MCQs and Quizs for Final Term Papers Fall 2012

Question Intel 80386 used paged segmentation with _________ level paging. Select correct option:   One Two Three Four   Question In ————- technique, memory is divided into several fixed-size partitions. Select correct option:   Swapping Overlays Multiprogramming with Fixed Tasks (MFT) Multiprogramming with Variable Tasks (MVT)   Question ______________is the operating system’s attempt to improve the computer system’s utilization and ... Read More »

CS604 Solved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid Term Papers upload the CS604 Solved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid Term Papers. Try ro solved the Given CS604 Solved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid Term Papers yourself for the better preparation of upcoming Quizs and mid term papers. Download the Attached File Given at the end of the MCQs. The process id returned to the child process after successful fork ... Read More »

CS604 today Solved Quizs 03-04th December 2012

Question ___________ is also called Swapper. Select correct option: Long term Short term            Correct Medium term Swap space Question ___________ is the basis of queuing theory which is branch of mathematics used to analyze systems involving queues and servers. Select correct option: Little’s Formula               Correct Deterministic Modeling Queuing ... Read More »