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CS609 Solved Final Term Papers Mega Collection By Muhamm Zeeshan

What are the differences between hardware and software interrupts?   Software interrupts are invoked by means of some software instruction or statement and hardware interrupt is invoked by means of some hardware controller generally. The only difference between them is the method by which they are invoked   How would a procedure written for software interrupt will be different from ... Read More »

CS609 Solved Subjective Mega Collection for Mid term Papers By Sana

Question:  How to generate .com file? Answer:    For BorlandC 3.1: 1- copy myfile.c into BIN folder of BORLANDC. 2- From command prompt goto BIN directory. You will see C:\BORLANDC\BIN> at command prompt. 3- type this command.  bcc – eMYFILE.COM -IC:\borlandc\include  -LC:\borlandc\lib myfile.c 4- Now is generated in BIN directory. Now type to run the com file. For TurboC ... Read More »

CS609 Solved MCQs mega Collection for Mid Term Papers

Only ________ ports are important from programming point of view. 70 and 71H 71 and 72H 70 and 72H 72 and 73H ____whenever received indicates the start of communication and ______ whenever received indicates a temporary pause in the communication. XON & XOFF XOFF & XON XON & YOFF YON & XOFF There are two main types of interrupts, namely ... Read More »