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Sunday , 21 October 2018
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CS609 today solved Papers by Muhammad Zeeshan & Aamer Abbas

Quiz Start Time: 06:58 PM Time Left 34 sec(s) Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 06:59:00 PM ) Total Marks: 1 If we want to produce the grave voice from speaker phone then we have to load the ____ divisor values at Port ___.   Select correct option: high, 0x42 low, 0x22 high, 0x22 low, 0x42  Quiz Start ... Read More »

CS609 Solved MCQS Mega Collection for Final term Papers

Quiz Start Time: 06:10 PM Time Left        88 sec(s) Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 06:10:34 PM )          Total Marks: 1 In case of synchronous communication a timing signal is required to identify the start and end of a bit. Select correct option:           TRUE FALSE   Quiz Start Time: 06:10 PM Time Left        89 ... Read More »

CS609 Solved MCQs mega Collection for Mid Term Papers

Only ________ ports are important from programming point of view. 70 and 71H 71 and 72H 70 and 72H 72 and 73H ____whenever received indicates the start of communication and ______ whenever received indicates a temporary pause in the communication. XON & XOFF XOFF & XON XON & YOFF YON & XOFF There are two main types of interrupts, namely ... Read More »