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CS610 laets Final term Subjective papers for upcomin Final

TOTAL 80 MARKS TIME 2 HOURS ALL MCQS FROM PAST PAPERS, ALL ARE VERY EASY SUBJECTIVE QNo.1 which field is used to add options into IP header? QNo.2 what are disadvantages of RIP write any three? QNo.3 why the Internet Multicast Routing is difficult? QNo.4 IS TCP/IP suit including ARP. What kind of messages are in ARP QNo.5 If IP ... Read More »

CS610 Solved MCQs Megac Collection for Mid Term Papers

  The process of forwarding the packets of information is called……………. Routing Switching Communication None of the above   Which one of the following is a property of static routing? It is inflexible It is done at boot time It has low network overload All of the above   According to a bridges Performance, if both the sauces and destination are ... Read More »

CS610 Solved Subjective Mega Collection for Mid term Papers

Three benefits of routing if source address is not included in the header Answer:- Benefit It allows fast and efficient routing. Packet switch need not hove complete information about all destinations in spite it just has next the network can continue to function even if topology changes without notifying entire network   Question How many methods are available to span ... Read More »