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Wednesday , 24 October 2018
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ECO402 assignment no 01 Spring 2013

SEMESTER SPRING 2013 MICROECONOMICS (ECO402) ASSIGNMENT NO. 01 DUE DATE: 8TH MAY, 2013  MARKS: 20 ASSIGNMENT: The Case: Thailand is the world second largest exporter of rice. Rice production in Thailand represents a significant portion of the labor force of Thailand’s economy. It is a necessity good for the people of this country. It is also used in the production of ... Read More »

ECO402 Assignment no 2 fall 2012

SEMESTER FALL 2012 MICROECONOMICS (ECO402) ASSIGNMENT NO. 02 DUE DATE: 28TH JANUARY 2013 MARKS: 20 ASSIGNMENT The Case: Solar energy is becoming more popular with the passage of time. Due to increasing demand of power, solar energy has become an active alternative in the power sector. Chinese company “Suntech Power” is the largest producer of solar products. Suppose, being the largest producer in ... Read More »

ECO402 Assignment 1 Solution Fall 2012 will upload soon

The Case: Agriculture is the backbone of a number of economies, like Pakistan, India, China and others. The expansion of fertilizer’s production, mechanization and pesticides is considered as a significant factor to enhance the growth of agricultural sector in these countries. Here we will take the case of Pakistan. Pakistan is a major exporter of rice and cotton. Suppose Pakistan ... Read More »