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Wednesday , 24 October 2018
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ECO403 Solved Subjective mega collection for Upcoming Papers

Question: 53-How the consumer can get the optimal level of satisfaction? Answer: A point where the indifference curve is tangent to the budget constraint is called optimal level of satisfaction. A consumer achieves his highest level of satisfaction by choosing the point on the budget constraint that is on the highest indifference curve. Question: 55-What does near money mean? Answer: ... Read More »

ECO403 Solved MCQ and Quizes For Mid Term Papers upload the Solved Solution of ECO403 MCQs and Quizzes.  Try to solved the given Quizs and MCQs yourself for the better preparation of your upcoming Quizs and Papers Question he supply of labor curve shows: Select correct option: A positive relationship between the real wage and the number of workers who are willing to work. An inverse relationship between ... Read More »