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ENG201 latest unsolved MCQs mega Collection for Mid term papers

Question Choose the correct option from the following. _____________ means that you must have one main idea in a paragraph.In case of other ideas they must be closely related. Select correct option: Coherence Unity Length Consideration Question Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of effective business messages? Select correct option: Limited to just a couple of people Clarifies ... Read More »

ENG201 assignment no 3 solution fall 2012

Question no:- 1 You  are  working  as  a  Manager  in  an  organization  which  is  strongly  against Vacations. You have noticed that continuous working has made you and all your colleagues lifeless, mechanical and dull. Write a proposal to the Director and try to convince  him  that  how  a  couple  of  holidays  will  turn  the  workers  energetic, enthusiastic, creative and sincere ... Read More »

ENG201 Subjective Collection for Mid Term Papers

How can we emphasis bad news message? Purpose of technical-information-letter? Reasoned for conveying bad news message? Matter to put information in logical manner for reader to grasp the information? How can you putt active verb to make business message concrete. Why we use electronic message? Define 4 Types of Letter. What about Adjustment Request. Why we use informal writing. Routine ... Read More »

ENG201 Assignment 2 Fall 2012 Solution will upload soon

Objective: To assess students’ understanding of the course and to prepare them for the practical application of communication skills through writing practices.  Instructions:  Late assignments will not be accepted. If the file is corrupt or problematic, it will be marked zero. Plagiarism will never be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else as if it ... Read More »

ENG201 Solved MCQs and Quizs before Mid Term Papers

VU Upload the EGN201 Solved MCQs and Solved Quiz material for mid term examinations. You can also solved your today Quizs or recent Quizs by using these MCQ and Quizs Collection. Just take these Quizs and MCQs as an idea and try to solved these yourself… Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one Which one ... Read More »

Eng201 Assignment Solution Fall 2012 (08 November 2012)

Question no  1: Write down a resume for the job of your choice. You can adopt the format  according to your job description. Question no  2: Compare and contrast the impromptu and extempore methods of  presentation.   Related posts: ENG201 Assignment 2 Fall 2012 Solution will upload soon ENG201 assignment no 3 solution fall 2012 Read More »

ENG201 Assignments # 4 Solution Spring 2012

Q1:  As a Marketing Manager of Nestle Pakistan, you are to introduce your latest dairy milk product to the market. You have to make use of at least three Visual Aids to support your standpoint. What sort of Visual aids will you take up to make your presentation more persuasive? Give at least three reasons for selecting these aids.   ... Read More »

ENG201 Assignments # 3 Solution Spring 2012

Q1:  You are required to write a feasiblity report of preparing an interface to communicate with all the staff simultaneoulsy. Being the manager of information technology department in a local company, write a feasibility report in order to convey the possibilty and importance of the assigned project.                           ... Read More »

ENG201 Assignments # 2 Solution Spring 2012

 Question No.1                                                                                                           (10) You have seen an advertisement of a new housing society. You are interested to buy a house for your family. Write a letter of inquiry to the Project Manager to show your interest and ask about the facilities they offer regarding purchasing and residing.  Key: LETTER Following is the recommended format for any type of business letter: ... Read More »

ENG201 Assignments # 1 Solution Spring 2012

Question No.1                                                                                                           (10) A newly established company AMRS is looking for fresh graduates for its branch offices as Customer officers. Candidates are required with effective interpersonal and communication skills to deal with diverse situations in handling the customers. IT proficiency is the basic requirement for this job. Please send your resumes before 15th of April 2012. Key: Ahmad 43 B ... Read More »