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FIN622 Latest Mid Term Paper Solved By Arslan Ali and Hammad

MIDTERM  EXAMINATION Fall 2009 FIN622- Corporate Finance (Session – 4) Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  Following are amongst the three main areas of Finance EXCEPT:   ► Financial institutions ► Investments        ► Accounting ► Financial management   Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  Which one of the following ... Read More »

FIN622 Solved Mid Term Papers Spring 2009

Question No: 1      ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one In  which  one  of  the  following  markets  the  bonds  of  a  Corporation  shall  be  traded  now who were issued 10 years back? Primary market Secondary market Money Market All of the above Question No: 2      ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one Palo  Alto  Industries  has a  debt-to-equity ... Read More »

FIN622 Solved Mid term Paper attempt by Hammad Mehdi Spring 2010

Question No: 1    (Marks: 1)    – Please choose one Which of the following is a transaction of a primary financial market?   ► Initial Public Offering ► Buying Mutual Funds Certificates ► Selling old shares ► Buying Bonds issued in previous years The methods by which the primary market transactions carried out are – Purchasing Initial Public Offer 2.Purchasing Preferential Issue 3.Purchasing Rights Issue Question No: ... Read More »

FIN622 Solved Subjective Mega Collection by Arslan Ali

Questions of Marks 3:- How can u measure market risk (beta)? 3 marks Market risk is measured by beta, which is another measure of investment risk that is based on the volatility of returns. In contrast to standard deviation, beta measures volatility relative to a relevant baseline rather than to the mean of the asset that is being evaluated. Beta ... Read More »

Fin622 Today Paper (14 December 20012)

22 MCQs   Mostly MCQs was from Past Papers    Questions of 3 Marks   If Dividend Rs. 8, Rate 16% then find the Stock Value? How market risk effect securities?   How high interest rate leads capital rationing?   Questions of 5 Marks How Dividend Policy effect shareholders and company?   Sales 270,000, Variable cost 75% of sales, Fixed cost 45,000, ... Read More »

FIN622 today mid term paper (09 December 2012)

Total Question     26 MCQs                      22 Question 3 Marks      3 Question 5 Marks       5 Mostly MCQs were from past Papers Question of Mark 3:- Question: Projects Beta Standard deviation Security X 0.8 0.4 Security Y 2 0.3 Which security is defensive and why? Whish ... Read More »