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MCM301 Solved MCQs mega Collection for final term by Alishba Nisar

Question # 1 of 15 All of the following are the purposes of introduction except Select correct option: – Getting the audience’s attention – Introducing your thesis – Establishing your rapport or credibility with the audience – Avoid to the audience Question # 2 of 15 All of the following are the common reasons for disruptive behavior EXCEPT one. Which ... Read More »

MCM301 Assignment no 01 Spring 2013

MCM301 Communication Skills VU “Semester Spring 2013” “Communication Skills (MCM301)” Assignment No. 01 Marks: 15 Assignment Topic: Barriers to Communication Learning objectives: The objective of this assignment is • To make students aware about the barriers to effective communication. Scenario: PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) held a huge procession on 23rd March 2013 at Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore. The officials of the party delivered speeches ... Read More »

MCM301 Latest solved MCQs mega Collection Fall 2012

“His black assistant speaks more clearly than he does”. Which kind of biasness this sentence shows? Gender biasness Racial biasness Age biasness Disability biasness       All of the following steps are essential to an effective response of questions EXCEPT: Listen Discern Anticipation Answer   Which of the following can help the presenter to avoid a computer catastrophe? Have ... Read More »

MCM301 Assignment 1 solution Spring 2012

The assignment is made to get general comments from the students; therefore the following points should be considered by the students in his/her solution. 1. Language: The use of Hindi language i.e. calling names to Aunt (Father’s Sister) as buaa, Father (Hindu-Sikh) as pitaa, sister as deedi etc Dressing: The talent is dressed with traditional and fashionate dressing that is ... Read More »