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Sunday , 21 October 2018
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MGT101 Latest Mid Term Solved MCQs Paper

Which of the following shows summary of a company’s financial position at a specific date? Profit & Loss Account Cash Flow Statement Balance Sheet Income & Expenditure Account Which of the following item will appear on the Balance Sheet as current assets? Prepaid expenses Accrued expenses Furniture and Equipment Unearned revenue   which of the following entities is not profit ... Read More »

MGT101 unsolved MCQs for mid term papers try to solve these

Question Wages outstanding given in the trial balance will be treated as a (an): ► Asset ► Liability ► Revenue ► Deferred expense Question Prepaid interest given in the Trial Balance will be treated as a (an): ► Asset ► Liability ► Revenue ► Deferred expense Question No: 3 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one Question If company ... Read More »

MGT501 Mega Collection of MCQs Lecture wise is providing the better Help for the Mid Term and Final Term Papers by providing you a mega collection of MGT101 MCQs try to solve these Quizs or MCQs and for better preparation of your Exams.. Lecture 1 In accounting or business terms, any dealing between two persons involving money or a valuable Barganing Transaction Exchange Barter Question What ... Read More »

MGT101 UnSolved MCQ for Mid Term exams a mega Collection Upload the mega collections of unsolved MCQ of MGT101 (Financial Accounting I) try to solved the given MCQs yourself for the better preparation of upcoming Mid Term Examinations. You can also share your Recent MCQs and Papers of Mid Term or Final Term Here. Question Cost of asset Rs. 1,00,000 Life of asset 5 years Depreciation for each year ... Read More »