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Wednesday , 24 October 2018
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MGT402 Solved Latest Quizs for final term Fall 2012

All Indirect cost is charged/record in the head of Select correct option: Prime cost FOH cost Direct labor cost None of the given options Closing work in process Inventory of last year: Select correct option: Is treated as Opening inventory for current year Is not carried forward to next year Become expense in the next year Charge to Profit & ... Read More »

MGT402 Solved MCQs from lect 1 to 17 Fall 2012

Question # 1   Which of the following is correct? Select correct option:   Units sold=Opening finished goods units + Units produced – Closing finished goods units   Units Sold = Units produced + Closing finished goods units – Opening finished goods units Units sold = Sales + Average units of finished goods inventory   Units sold = Sales – ... Read More »

MGT402 Solved MCQs and Latest Quizs before Mid Term

Question “Taking steps for the fresh purchase of those stocks which have been exhausted and for which requisitions are to be honored in future” is an easy explanation of: Select correct option: Overstocking Under stocking Replenishment of stock Acquisition of stock   Question If, COGS = Rs. 50,000 GP Margin = 25% of sales What will be the value of ... Read More »