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Sunday , 21 October 2018
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MGT501 Assignment no 2 fall 2012

TOPIC: PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL LEARNING OBJECTIVES: •   To enable students to understand the importance of performance appraisal in organization for improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. •   To make you learn the application of theoretical knowledge in a practical situation. •   To give you practice in making decision regarding selection of appropriate performance appraisal method for operational level staff. ASSIGNMENT: Tarakee Bank ... Read More »

MGT501 Assignment # 1 solution Fall 2012

Shaheen Corporation is a medium sized company dealing in surgical instruments business. In 1985, the firm had 150 employees. At that time, the personnel department consisted of a manager and a clerk. The department was responsible for record keeping, maintaining personal files, posting advertisements in newspapers for hiring new employees, processing applicants’ pool, handling payroll, arranging picnic parties and managing ... Read More »