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MGT502 Assignment no 01 fall 2013 idea solution required

ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR (MGT502)                       FALL 2013   ASSIGNMENT NO. 1   NON GRADED ACTIVITY   DUE DATE: NOVEMBER 22, 2013   MARKS: 20                                                                                                                       Lesson: 01 – 08       Topic: Diverse Workforce   Learning Objectives:   The prime objective of this assignment is to know about diversity and diverse workforce.   Learning Outcome   After attempting this activity, you will ... Read More »

MGT502 Solved Mid Term Papers Collection by Saneha Princess

MIDTERM  EXAMINATION Fall 2009 MGT502- Organizational Behavior (Session – 4)   Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  The behavior of people is influenced by which of the following factors? ► Psychological needs ► Individual drives ► Social roles and status ► All of the given options Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one ... Read More »

MGT502 Solved MCQs Mega Collection for Mid term by Armaan Makhani

Mgt 502 quiz3 lec 1 to 25 27-dec-2010 to 29-dec-2010 1. Question # 1 of 20 ( Start time: 06:49:47 PM ) Total Marks: 1 Which of the following term is used to define tendency to draw a general impression about an individual on the basis of a single characteristic? Select correct option: Contrast Effect Halo effect Self-Serving bias Selective Perception ... Read More »

MGT502 Assignment no 01 Solution Spring 2013 has been uploaded

MGT 502 Solutions No 1.   As per my knowledge and my understandings solution of Scenario no. 1 is as under below:   Individuals Traits Justification from the scenario Ali Openness to experience Ali deals with the creativity of the Ads. Shahid Agreeableness extroversion Colleagues say that he has extraordinary interpersonal Skills, a great social network & stay emotionally expressive ... Read More »

MGT502 Assignment no 01 Spring 2013

  SEMESTER SPRING 2013   ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR MGT502   ASSIGNMENT NUMBER: 01   DUE DATE:  2ND MAY 2013   TOTAL MARKS: 20   Topic: Personality & Personality Traits   Learning Objectives: To make a clear understanding about personality traits To make students aware of the fact that Organizations are full of diversity Enabling the students to identify the different traits ... Read More »

MGT502 Organizational Behaviour Short Notes (Lect 1-15) For better practice

ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR   Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study and application of knowledge about how people, individuals, and groups act in organizations.   Contributing disciplines to the OB field: Organizational behavior is an applied behavioral science that is built upon contributions from a number of behavioral disciplines.   Psychology is the science that seeks to measure, explain, and sometimes change ... Read More »

MGT502 Assignment no 2 fall 2012 solution required

SEMESTER FALL 2012 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (MGT502) ASSIGNMENT NO. 02 DUE DATE: 28TH JANUARY 2013 MARKS: 30 Learning Objective: 1. To enable you to understand the theories of leadership and their implications in organizations. ASSIGNMENT: Omaima and her husband Shehroz moved to a small town near Faisalabad about six month ago, after Shehroz accepted a very attractive high level accounting position at Manal Pvt ... Read More »

MGT502 GDB 2 Idea Solution fall 2012

“Jet International Airlines (JIA) – a Republican Country based airliner is operating more than 1,400 flights annually with 23 planes of different ranges on domestic and international routes. With a stable stream of cash flows, the company has earned a pre tax profit of Rs. 3,450 million during the last year. Due to cost effective operations, JIA is enjoying competitive position in the industry. The company’s Strategic Business Development Unit ... Read More »

MGT502 GDB no 3 Fall 2012

Topic of Discussion: Conflict   Objectives: To enable students to identify the types of conflicts occur at workplace. To make them learn the application of different conflict views for handling different types of conflicts   Scenario: Ahmed is working as a “creative manager” in a TV channel. Currently his team is working on launching new political show. Previously his team ... Read More »