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CS508 Assignment no 5 Solution fall 2012 upload soon

Modern Programming Languages (CS508)
Assignment No. 5
Total Marks: 20 Dead line: 30th Jan, 2013

Purpose of Assignment:

Intended purpose of this assignment is to give students an exercise that can facilitate them while working in any component-based development environment. After attempting this assignment students will be able to:

• To introduce students with a powerful and customizable component-based software language i.e. C#.

• Learn basic syntax of language.

• Students will get comprehensive understanding of important concepts of C# i.e. arrays, conditional statements, fields and etc.

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Suppose you are hired as a C# desktop developer by IdevSpot for development of the Idev-Employee application. Your primary job responsibilities include development and regular maintenance. As a part of this development environment developing desktop
application you are required to answer following question:

1. Identify and correct the errors in the given C# program. Give reasons to justify your
answer. Also provide the corrected program. [5]

using System;
class SearchEmp
String[] Name= {“Aslam”,”Irfan”,”Afridi”,”Junaid”};
SearchEmp(string name)
{ = name;
public void Search()
name= “Afridi”;

private readonly string name;
public static void Main()
SearchEmp E1= new SearchEmp(“Kareem”);

2. Write a C# program to perform the following tasks.

a. Create ‘Names’ string array which will contain 10 elements. [2]

b. Use For loop to get 10 names from user. [3]

c. Print Names array using foreach loop. [2.5]

d. Get a name and index from user. And replace the name on index (given by user) with the new name. [5]

e. Now use while loop to print the Names array. [2.5]

Sample Output:

CS508 Assignment no 5 Solution fall 2012

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