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Friday , 19 October 2018
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ENG301 Assignment no 3 solution fall 2012

Solution of the First Question:-

(Arslan Ali), 

Address xxxxxxxxx

Contact xxxxxxxxx

Pearl Continental Hotel
Sharah-e-Quaid-e-Azam 983 Mall Road Lahore

After successfully using your agency for many years, I recently experienced a terrible problem. I am writing to obtain compensation for a huge mistake for which I believe your firm is responsible.

On 28 December 2012, I reserved a table for dinner at 8 PM in your hotel for my honor guests. but when I arrived to the Hotel at given time with my honor guest we found that the table was not prepared and table was also surrounded by the dirty cloth. which create a negative effect on me and my guests related to your services. I inform the Head waiter to solved this problem but he take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to resolved the issues. I want to inform you that you have to improve your services as well as before. because first time I have to face this kind of services from you.

08 January 2012

Solution of 2nd Question:-

Q2.      Choose the correct option.    (5)


1.      Which of the following descriptions best describes the claim letter?

a.      Letters about complaints are called claim letters. 

b.      The inauguration letter is called a claim letter.

c.       A short letter about official inquiry is called a claim letter.

d.      All the above


2.      An adjustment letter is:

a.       Letter to adjust employees

b.      Request for a response

c.       Reply to a complaint 

d.      Response to an inquiry


3.      Usually adjustment letter is written when:

a.       The customer is at fault.

b.      The company is at fault.

c.       Either company or customer is at fault.

d.      All of the above


4.      A collection letter should always be:

a.      Persuasive 

b.      Enthusiastic

c.       Apologetic

d.      Inquisitive


5.      In a solicited letter:

a.      The organization is invited to respond to the sales message.

b.      The customers visit the company by their choice.

c.       The quality assurance is asked for.

d.      None of the above

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