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Thursday , 24 May 2018
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Overseas Students Virtual University of Pakistan


 Overseas Exam Software and related material has been made available for download. Please ensure that you have installed the latest exam application available on the given link below.

You must follow the sequence of instructions given below for smooth and error free installation:


 1.   Visit the link

2.   For downloading, login with your VULMS student ID and password

3.   Download all material one by one

4.   After installation, you must go through the “User Manual” for know how to attempt your paper.

5.   An icon will be visible on your desktop. Please double click the icon to run the demo test. You may test your installation by joining each of the following sessions till December 06, 2012 during the specified timings)

 Session 1:      09:00 AM   to   10:00 AM        Pakistan time

Session 2:      11:00 AM   to   12:00 PM         Pakistan time

Session 3:      02:30 PM   to    03:30 PM         Pakistan time

Session 4:      04:00 PM   to    05:00 PM         Pakistan time

Session 5:      05:30 PM   to    06:30 PM         Pakistan time

 6.   For demo test, please use your student ID as login and password in the exam application. For example

 Student ID:  mc090XXXXXX    ß  (Yours student ID)

Password:   mc090XXXXXX    ß  (Yours student ID)

 7.   After completing the demo test, you must confirm your installation status by clicking the link “Click here to confirm your installation status” given on

 In case of any query/problem, you may contact  or on the following numbers during VU office hours i.e. 09:00AM-05:00PM (PST). Additionally, you may also contact “overseasexams” and “overseasexams02” at Skype for support. 

+92-42-99204760, +92-42-99203899, +923454019083, +923454019085 & +923459440081 

Note: There is no invigilator during the demo sessions, so there is no need to reply to the messages during demo.

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