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PAK301 Solved MCQs and Quizs Mega Collection for Mid Term Papers


In which year Sir Syed Ahmad Khan published “RISAL-I-ASBAB-I-BAGHAWAT-I-HIND”?

  •  1857
  •  1858

  •  1859
  •  1864


What was the basic objective of the appointment of Mountbatten as Viceroy in 1947?

  • To prolong British rule in India
  • Because he was a good administrator
  • To wind up the British rule in India

  • Because he was affiliated with Congress


Why did Muslim League observe “Direct Action Day” on August 16, 1946?

  •  Against the attacks of the Hindus on the Muslims holy places
  • Against the British policy of injustice towards the Muslims

  •  Against the harsh treatment of Congress towards the minorities
  •  Against the visit of the British King Lord Wavel


In which magazine Sir Syed focused on socio-cultural issues and problems of the Indian

  • Risala-i-Asbab-i-Baghawat-i-Hind
  • Loyal Muhammadans of India

  • Ahkam-i-Tawam Ahlil Kitaab
  • Tehzib-ul- Akhlaq


In which year Iqbal referred to the title of “Sir”?

  • In, 1916
  • In, 1920
  • In, 1922

  • In, 1919


When did Iqbal deliver lectures on Islam in Aligarh, Hyderabad and Madras?

  •  In, 1930
  • In, 1928

  •  In, 1927
  •  In, 1926


Who said, that Islam is a people building force in India that has given moral consciousness and
political identity to the people?

  •  Quaid-e-Azam
  • Allama Iqbal

  •  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  •  Ch. Rehmat Ali


Why did Muslim League badly perform in the elections of 1937?

  •  Due to the organizational problems and opposition by local Muslim groups

  •  Because the British government was against the Muslim League
  •  Because the Congress Party was very famous among the masses
  •  The elections were not transparent and clearly fixed by Congress


When did Kamal Atta Turk turn out to be the head of state of Turkey?

  •  In October, 1922
  • In March, 1924

  •  In March, 1922
  •  In November, 1920


Who took the revenge of Jallianwala Bagh incident by killing the Governor Punjab Sir Michael O,

  •  Baghat Singh
  • Ram Muhammad Azad Singh

  •  Ranjit Singh
  •  Ghazi Ilam Din Shaheed


During the Khilafat Movement,”Chorachori” tragedy assumed huge significant. Which one the
following events belong to that incident?

  •  Countrywide strike of the traders
  •  Communal riots erupted
  •  A police station was burnt in a village

  •  The people refused to pay Government taxes


Who became the chief minister of NWFP after the elections of 1945-46?

  •  Dr. Abdul Sattar Khan
  •  Sardar Abdurrab Nishtar
  • Dr. Khan sahib

  •  Khizar Hayat Tiwana


To which document Quaid-e-Azam remarked as “it is parting the ways”?

  •  Simon Commission
  •  Communal Award
  • Nehru Report

  •  Lucknow Pact


For what purpose Muslim League branch in London was established?

  •  To organize the Muslim community in London
  •  To draw attention to the misinterpretation and plans of the Hindus against the Muslims
  •  To emphasize the conspiracies of the British against the Muslims
  •  To create better understanding between Muslims and the British Government


Who gave the Philosphical explanasion to ideology of pakistan?

  •  Sir Syyad
  •  Sir aaga Khan
  •  Allama Iqbal

  •  Quaid-e Azam



Who was the 1st president of Muslim League?

  •  Sir Aga Khan
  •  Nawab smiullah
  •  Waqar-ul malik
  • Sir Aga khan


When did CH Rehmat Ali establish Pakistan National Movement?

  •  In, 1933
  •  In, 1948
  • In, 1040

  •  In, 1951


When did CH Rehmat Ali wrote his Novel “Now or Never”?

  •  In, 1930
  •  In, 1931
  •  In, 1932
  • In, 1933


Why poona pact was concluded in september 1932?

  •  It was an agreement between congress and British
  •  It was an agreement between congress and Muslim League
  • It was an agreement between congress and Lower Cast of India

  •  It was an agreement between Muslim league and the british


In 1933 NOW OR NEVER was written by?

  •  Quaid-e Azam
  •  CH rahmet Ali

  •  Allama Iqbal
  •  Hafiz jalandhri


Which Act is called as Minto-Morley Reforms also?

  •  Government of India Act, 1919
  •  Government of India Act, 1909

  •  Government of India Act, 1935
  •  Indian Council Act of 1892


For what purpose Sir Syed Ahmed Khan visited England in 1869?

  •  To understand their political system
  •  To understand their educational system
  •  To settle there with his son
  •  To pursue his higher education there


When did Quaid-e-Azam join All India Muslim League?

  •  In, 1906
  •  In, 1920
  •  In, 1909
  •  In, 1913


When did the Hindus start Quit India Movement?

  •  In August, 1944
  •  In August, 1942

  •  In September, 1944
  •  In March, 1942


“Adjacent units where Muslims are in a majority, as in Northwest and East, should be constituted as
Independent States where the constituent units will be autonomous and sovereign”.
Which document this text belongs to?

  •  Allama Iqbal Allahabad Address 1930
  • The Lahore Resolution 1940

  •  Fourteen Points of Jinnah, 1929
  •  Delhi Proposals, 1927


When did Iqbal deliver lectures on Islam in Aligarh, Hyderabad and Madras?

  •  In, 1930
  • In, 1928

  •  In, 1927
  •  In, 1926


When did Iqbal present his famous Allahabad Address?

  • December 30, 1930

  •  November 30, 1930
  •  October 30, 1930
  •  September 30, 1930


For how many years Allama Iqbal stayed in Europe?

  •  For 3 years

  •  For 4 years
  •  For 5 years
  •  For 6 years


When did the Indian Muslims observe the Day of Deliverance?

  •  On October 22, 1937
  •  On December 22, 1938
  •  On September 26, 1939
  •  On December 22, 1939


When was the report on Muslims sufferings presented by Fazal-e-Haq?

  •  In December, 1939

  •  In March, 1939
  •  In March, 1938
  •  In October, 1939


“This report focused on the province of Bihar, what was the Congress ministries doing in Bihar and how the Muslims suffered under the govt of Congress in Bihar This report mainly collected the facts,
concentrating on ill treatment of the government with the Muslims in Bihar”.
Which report this text belongs to?

  •  The Pirpur Report
  •  The Sharif Report

  •  Fazal-e-Haq Report
  •  Nehru Report


Who presented the Pirpur Report?

  •  Ch. Rehmat Ali
  •  Mr. Sharif
  •  A.K. Fazal-e-Haq
  • Syed Mehmud Mehdi


What is meant by “Darul Harab”?

  •  A country where Muslims are in majority
  •  A country where Muslims have no religious freedom

  •  A country where Muslims are a minority
  •  A country where Muslims have full religious freedom


Who was the Viceroy with whom the Muslim delegation met at Simla in 1906?

  •  Viceroy Lord Curzon
  •  Viceroy Lord Linlithgow
  • Viceroy Lord Minto

  •  Viceroy Lord Mountbatten


In which document Muslims’ demand of Separate Electorate was accepted?

  • Rowlett Act
  • Lucknow Pact

  • Nehru Report
  • Fourteen Points


  1. When did Kamal Atta Turk turn out to be the head of state of Turkey?
    In October, 1922
    In March, 1924
    In March, 1922
    In November, 1920

    answer :
    was in march 1922 or 1924 please reply!

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