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Wednesday , 2 December 2020
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Announcement Related TO STA301

Dear students, 

Your overall performance to attempt and solve the Assignment no.1 is very good. It shows you are setting your foundation for basic concept of statistics.

The following are the specific findings and suggested areas of improvement.

Making frequency:

You have good practice of making a frequency table. However take more care when counting and placing values in frequency classes. Putting one value in other class/group can affect your all calculations.

Measurement of scale:

You need to learn and understand the concept and difference of measurement scales specially interval and ratio scales. Interval scales are used in some special situations.

Calculation by formulas:

The calculations of median, percentile and harmonic mean were mostly correct. Follow these simple “six steps” to solve do any computations.

à Write formula/equation

à Highlight/mention/calculate the input values

à Place the values in the formula/equation

à Simplify it step-by-step

à Get the answer

à Wording the answer: Interpret, comment, explain or just write your obtained numerical result/answer into simple language according to the give question/scenario.

Note: Neglecting any step will increase your chances of error and ambiguity. 


Mathtype software helps you for writing the special symbols used in formula and equations. Install and practice on it. It’s available on STA301 course website. Once you have practice on it, it will help you in the exams.


Avoid any attempt of cut/copy/paste to solve the assignment. Do it yourself. In exam you have to attempt the question yourself.

Follow these tips to solve upcoming assignments and exams.

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