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Saturday , 16 October 2021
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MGT111 GDB 2 fall 2012

Topic of Discussion: Public Finance  Total Marks: 30 Objectives: To make the students aware about the practical scope and application of this concept in developing world  Scenario   The concept of state today is much more broaden than ever before. Now it is welfare state that strives for the wellbeing of all the masses no matter which economic, social, and religious or any other class they ... Read More »

CS301 Assignment no 6 solution fall 2012 has been uploaded

(a)  Encode the phrase “voice version of verses delivered” according to the above Huffman encoding tree (Show all steps).                           [Marks 12]   Frequency and Huffman code table   Character Frequency Code sp 4 111 c 1 010111 d 2 0010 e 7 110 f 1 100100 i 3 1011 l 1 01000 n 1 0000 o 3 0011 r ... Read More »

CS301 Assignment no 6 fall 2012

  Assignment No. 06 SEMESTER Fall 2012 CS301- Data Structures  Total Marks: 20  Due Date:  14-01-2013 InstructionsPlease read the following instructions carefully before solving & submitting assignment:It should be clear that your assignment will not get any credit (zero marks) if: The assignment is submitted after due date. The submitted assignment is other than .Doc file. The submitted assignment does ... Read More »

MGT201 Assignment no 2 solution fall 2012 has been uploaded

a) You need to calculate the expected return, standard deviation of returns and coefficient of variations for MAQ Motors’ investment opportunity. Solution of Part a Expected ROR =<r>= ∑ Piri=12%, Std Dev=σ = (∑(ri – < ri> ) 2 * Pi)0.5 = 11.66% CV = σ / <r>= 0.97 b) You are expected to analyze the price of Wahid Consultant Company’s ... Read More »

MGMT611 Quizs 3 solved for final term papers

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 10:36:44 AM ) Total Marks: 1 Which of the following is listed as the number-one fastest growing occupation in 2000 – 2010? Select correct option:   Medical assistants Computer engineer’s application Computer support specialists Computer Systems analysts   Question # 2 of 10 ( Start time: 10:37:35 AM ) Total Marks: 1 ... Read More »

MGT602 Quiz 2 solved Fall 2012 for final term

In USA Public Limited Companies may have ______ Director/s 1 2 3 4   Which one of the following is NOT an external factor? Select correct option: New regulations Competition Social changes Manufacturing Which of the following should be considered in economy while conducting environmental analysis? GNP\ Disposable income   Which one of the following is an important source of ... Read More »

ACC501 GDB 3 Fall 2012

Learning Objectives: This particular Graded Discussion Board (GDB) will help the students understand: ·    The concepts regarding two important capital budgeting techniques i.e. Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Average Accounting Return (AAR). ·    The analytical application of said techniques according to the provided information in a given scenario. ·    The technical difference between the said important techniques.   Case: Creative Company (Private) ... Read More »

CS501 Quiz 3 solved mega collection for final term papers

In which one of the following methods for resolving the priority, the device with the highest priority is placed in the first position, followed by lower-priority devices up to the device with the lowest priority, which is placed last in the series? Select correct option: Asynchronous Daisy-Chaining Priority Parallel Semi-synchronous In ________, a separate address space of the CPU is ... Read More »

CS401 Quiz 3 solved mega collection for final term

Which of the following pins of a parallel port connector are grounded? 25-32 10-18 18-25 32-39   Each thread can have their own execution area stack memory array   All the registers & stack are saved in Multitasking multi-processing function call BIOS   Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 02:58:14 PM )     Total Marks: 1 The instruction ... Read More »

MTH501 Assignment no 3 fall 2012

        Assignment # 3 (Lecture# 23 – 30) Of MTH501 (Fall 2012)                                                                                                Maximum Marks: 20                                                                                                                                                              Due Date: January 17, 2013 INSTRUCTIONS   Please read the following instructions before attempting the solution of this assignment:   •      To solve this assignment, you should have good command over 23-30 lectures. In order to solve this assignment you ... Read More »