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CS101 100% Solved MCQS for Final term Papers by Arslan Ali

CS101 105 Important MCQ’s Solved   Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  First computer network was ___________. ► NSFNET ► FIRSTNET ► ARPANET ► ORPHANET Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  In a good presentation each slide should contain____________. ► Heading ► Phrases not sentences ► Sentences not phrases ► ... Read More »

ISL201 latest Final Term paper unsolved for Final term papers

ISL201 Islamic Studies Solve Final Term Paper Fall Semester 2012 FINALTERM EXAMINATION ISL201- Islamic Studies (Session – 1) Question No: 1 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one Islamic concept of honesty covers the ___________ aspects of life. ► Personal ► Family ► Political ► All of the given options Question No: 2 ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one Who is called the mother of ... Read More »

CS410 Solved Subject Mega Collection form Final Term Papers

QNo.1   Synchronization objects? Answer:- A synchronization object is an object whose handle can be specified in one of the wait functions to coordinate the execution of multiple threads. More than one process can have a handle to the same synchronization object, making interprocess synchronization possible. REF :: handouts Page No. 343   QNo.2   Define owner drawn items? Answer:- Owner-drawn items ... Read More »

CS301 unSolved Final Term papers Mega Colletionction by Arslan Ali

      FINALTERM  EXAMINATION Spring 2010 CS301- Data Structures Time: 90 min Marks: 58   Question No: 1      ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one  A solution is said to be efficient if it solves the problem within its resource constraints i.e. hardware and time.        ► True        ► False Question No: 2      ( Marks: 1 ) ... Read More »

CS609 Solved Final Term Papers Mega Collection By Muhamm Zeeshan

What are the differences between hardware and software interrupts?   Software interrupts are invoked by means of some software instruction or statement and hardware interrupt is invoked by means of some hardware controller generally. The only difference between them is the method by which they are invoked   How would a procedure written for software interrupt will be different from ... Read More »

CS504 Solved Papers for upcoming final term papers is available

Question No: 1      ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one                                                                The two main documents produced during this phase are Requirement Statement and Requirement  Specification. They are also called Requirement Definition and—–—–––—–—–– ► Functional Specification ► Mathematical specification ► System Specification ► None of the given   Question No: 2      ( Marks: 1 ) – Please choose one ... Read More »

CS504 latest SOlved Quizs attempt by Muhammad Zeeshan

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 01:35:10 PM ) Total Marks: 1 The nominal case should be put in the if-part and the exception in the else-part of an if statement. Select correct option: TURE FALSE sec(s) Question # 2 of 10 ( Start time: 01:35:59 PM ) Total Marks: 1 Charles Simonyi first discussed Hungarian Notation. He ... Read More »

CS304 Unsolved Final Term Paper Spring 2010

Question No: 1    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  Classes like TwoDimensionalShape and ThreeDimensionalShape would normally be concrete, while classes like Sphere and Cube would normally be abstract. ► True ► False Question No: 2    ( Marks: 1 )    – Please choose one  Virtual functions allow you to   ► create an array of type pointer-to-base class that ... Read More »

CS101 Latest Solved Quized After Mid for Final Term Papers

Question # 1 of 10 ( Start time: 03:12:07 PM ) Total Marks: 1 Internet Enables: Select correct option: attractively-priced workers located in Pakistan to provide services to overseas clients users to easily share information with others located all over the world users to easily, inexpensively communicate with others remote users All of the given choices Answer: 4 Quiz Start Time: 03:12 PM Time ... Read More »

ECO403 Solved Subjective mega collection for Upcoming Papers

Question: 53-How the consumer can get the optimal level of satisfaction? Answer: A point where the indifference curve is tangent to the budget constraint is called optimal level of satisfaction. A consumer achieves his highest level of satisfaction by choosing the point on the budget constraint that is on the highest indifference curve. Question: 55-What does near money mean? Answer: ... Read More »