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MGT401 Assignment no 01 Spring 2013 Solution

                   SEMESTER SPRING 2013 Financial accounting-ii (mgt401)            ASSIGNMENT NO. 01 Due Date: 02ND May, 2013 Marks: 20   Assignment: 1 Learning Objective The students are expected to learn the application of the provisions of IAS 16 (Property, Plant & Equipment) and IAS 23 (Borrowing Cost) Learning Outcomes After going through ... Read More »

MGT401 GDB Solution fall 2012

The software is a free version,upgrade it into the registered version,please visit the website to access more.   Solution:- As per IAS-17 when lease is operating lease and fair value is equal to sale value then profit and loss is recognized immediately. So in case of carrying value is 18000Rs and Sale Value = Fair Value = 20000Rs Then ... Read More »

MGT401 GDB 3 FALL 2012

Topic to be tested:  Leasing (IAS-17) Learning objectives:  To learn about the recognition and reporting of profit or loss arisen in lease and lease back transactions as per IAS-17 Discussion Question:   Mr. Ali has made an agreement to sell a vehicle to Mr. Ahmad. As per conditions of the agreement, he has taken it back on lease on the ... Read More »

MGT401 assignment no 2 Fall 2012

DUE DATE: 8TH JANUARY 2013                                  MARKS: 30 TOPIC TO BE TESTED   Presentation of Financial Statements LEARNING OBJECTIVES:   To  learn  about  the  correct  procedure  to  prepare  the  Statement  of Financial Position   To learn about the preparation of Notes to the Accounts ASSIGNMENT QUESTION: Following are the information extracted from the records of Local Industries Ltd. on 31st December ... Read More »

MGT401 Assignment 1 Solution will be uploaded Soon

Topic to be tested Property, Plant and Equipment (IAS-16) Learning objectives: To learn about the correct costing of Plant asset as per IAS-16 To learn about the depreciation schedule To learn about the calculation of profit or loss on sale of plant asset. Assignment Question: Manufacturing Private Limited (MPL) purchased a plant on 1st January 2003. The following details are ... Read More »