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CS508 Assignment no 01 Fall 2013 Solution Required


Assignment No. 01
Semester: Fall 2013
Modern Programming Languages  (CS508)


Total Marks: 10


Due Date: 21/11/2013



Please read the following instructions carefully before submitting assignment:


  • You will submit your assignment before or on due date on VU-LMS.
  • Assignment should be completed by your own efforts it should not be copied from internet, handouts or books.
  • You should submit your MS Word File via assignment interface at VU-LMS.
  • Assignment sent via Email will not be replied and accepted/graded in any case.
  • If the submitted assignment does not open or file is corrupt, it will not be graded.
  • You will submit solution only in Microsoft Word File.




To understand the benefits of various programming languages domains.



For any query about the assignment, contact at or through MDB.

Assignment Questions


Question                                                                                                                                    Marks 10     



There are various Programming Language Categories like Imperative, Functional (applicative), Logic (Declarative), Object Oriented.

Go through videos lectures and search over the internet, based upon your study briefly describe which one of given categories you have found most beneficial for Software development and why.

Note: Do not copy paste from internet as it is. Read from internet sources and then write in your own words.



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