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CS615 Solved Mid Term Paper

Question Number: –1

________ identifying which quality standards are relevant to the project and determining how to satisfy them.

► Quality Planning

► Communications Planning

► Organization Planning

► Staff Acquisition

Question Number:-2

These all are outputs of Initiating Process except

► Project Manager Assignments

► Constraints

Selection Criteria

► Assumptions

Question Number:-3

Project management processes can be organized into _____________ groups

► Four

► Five

► Six

► Seven

Question Number:-4

Product quality depends on its conformance to ______

► Software requirements

► Development standards

► Implicit requirements

► All of given

Question Number:-5

_______is the technical kernel of software engineering

       ► Design

► Implementation

► Requirements analysis

► Testing

Question Number:-6

Mode of specification has a great impact on quality of solution. Forcing SWE to work with incomplete, inconsistence, or misleading specifications result in frustration and confusion affecting:


► Quality

► Timeliness and
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► Completeness of SW product

       ► All of given

Question Number:-7

Finally, the specification includes a ________

► Bibliography

► Appendix

► Both Bibliography and Appendix

► Reference

Question Number:-8

Cognitive model describes a system as perceived by its _________


       ► User community

► Developer

► Top level management

► Manager


Question Number:-9

A review of the Software Requirements Specification is conducted by ________


► Software developer

► Customer

Both the software developer and the customer

► Top level management

Question Number:-10

A meeting is conducted at a _________ and attended by both software engineers and customers.


► Software engineer site

       ► Neutral site

► Customer site

► Company site

Question Number:-11

The model serves as the basis for the creation of ________ for the Software.

► Design

► Maintenance

► Testing

       ► Specifications

Question Number:-12

Throughout evaluation and solution synthesis, the analyst’s primary focus is on

       ► “What, not “how.”

► Model

► Evaluation and Synthesis

► Specification

Question Number:-13

In problem evaluation area of effort, once problems have been identified, the ___________determines what information is to be produced by the new system and what data will be provided to the system.

       ► Analyst

► Designer

► Coder

► Manager

Question Number:-14

Requirements are refined and analyzed to assess their clarity, completeness, and_______

► Correctness

       ► Consistency

► Concurrency

► None of given

Question Number:-15

A software project that meets all the stated objectives is a success of _________


► Project quality

► Project fundamental purpose

       ► Project management myth

► Project requirement

Question Number:-16

All of the following describe the activity list except:

► It’s an extension of the WBS

► It include all activities of the project

       ► It describe the WBS update

► It include a description of project activities


Question Number:-17

Software project are carried out sequentially and that each phase is completed before the next is taken up.

► The Prototyping Model

► The Incremental Model

       ► The Waterfall model

► The Spiral model

Question Number:-18

Project management is a _________of constant communication and negotiation.

       ► Process

► Concept

► Practice

► None of given

Question Number:-19

These all are design phase activities except

► Output Design

► Input Design

       ► The software test plan

► Software Selection


Question Number:-20

Which organization has set the de facto standards for project management techniques?



      ► PMA


Question Number:-

21    ( Marks: 2 )

Give the name of configuration control tools?

Question Number:-

22    ( Marks: 3 )

Software requirements analysis a bridge between system engineering and software design, show it by diagram.

Question Number:-

23    ( Marks: 5 )

Write down the software process player’s names and their roles in projects.

Question Number:-

24    ( Marks: 10 )

Explain the following terms regarding project characteristics and project dimensions.

·     Temporary,

·     Unique,

·     Aims,

·     People,

·     Process

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