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ENG101 Assignment no 01 Solution Spring 2013 by Saima

Assignment No. 1 (Fall 2012)

English Comprehension (ENG101)                                                      Total Marks: 15


  • To enhance and test students’ reading comprehension skills and conceptual knowledge
  • To assess students’ knowledge of writing skills
  • To gauge students’ ability to distinguish between main idea and supporting ideas.


  1. No assignment will be accepted via e-mail after the due date.
  2. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Plagiarism occurs when a student uses work done by someone else without acknowledging the actual author. It also means copying and pasting the material from handouts and internet source without rephrasing it in his/her own words.
  3. Students must submit their assignments in Microsoft Word file.


Q.1     Read the following passage and answer the questions below:                  (10)


Education of man does not begin at school, it begins at birth. It ends, not when he graduate from the university, but at this death. Hence education is a life-long process. “Any modification brought about in the behavior of an individual as a result of his interaction with the environment constituted learning.” The child learns through his experience. It goes on forever without any break or barrier. Thus education becomes an active and dynamic process. It is much more than schooling, memorizing or learning a prescribed syllabus. Therefore, J.S. Mackenzie rightly says, “education is a process that goes on through out life, and is promoted by almost every experience in life.” When the learner comes in contact with real situation, he utilized all his past experiences that are relevant to it and gains new experiences. Thus the child goes on reconstructing experiences throughout the whole life. Therefore, education is considered by the educationists as an active and dynamic process.



 After carefully reading the above text, choose the correct option from the following:

 1) In this passage, the tone of the author can best be described as


A. pleading                      (Correct) by “zee & Dawood”    Not sure

B. argumentative                     (Correct) by “Ali”  Not sure

C. compassionate

D. emphatic


2) What is the running idea of the paragraph? 


A. Education is necessary for the society

B. Learning comes through education only

C. Age is an important factor in education

D. Education is a life long process; from both formal and informal ways of life                       (Correct)


3) The key word education is used as …..


A cycle

B. process                      (Correct)

D. experience

E. interaction



4)  How does a child get education in his life?



A. Through interaction with the environment

B. Through memorizing or learning a prescribed syllabus

C. Through experience                      (Correct)

D. Through schooling and utilizing each experience in life.


5) What is the similar word of dynamic from the paragraph?


A. Active

B. Full of life

C. Vibrant

D. Continuous                      (Correct)



Q.2 Write the most relevant topic, main idea and supporting ideas from the      

       following passage.                                                                                       (5)


Discontent is an ugly thing. It brings nothing but unhappiness. A discontented man is unhappy himself, and his constant grumbling and bad temper make all round him unhappy too. He is always comparing his lot with the lot of those better off than himself. His envy of them makes him bitter. He hates others for their greater success and prosperity. He is a miserable wretch.



Every one knows discontent is not good for anyone. There are many problems related to our life by which we become unhappy. Do you know what it means to be discontented? It is very difficult to understand discontent, because most of us canalize discontent in a certain direction and thereby smother it. That is, our only concern is to establish ourselves in a secure position with well-established interests and prestige, so as not to be disturbed. It happens in homes and in schools too. The teachers don’t want to be disturbed, and that is why they follow the old routine; because the moment one is really discontented and begins to inquire, to question, there is bound to be disturbance. But it is only through real discontent that one has initiative.
If we want to be really happy we have to be brave & boasted man

OR  New

ANS DISSATISFACTION IN ONE’SELF ACCORDING TO DALAI LAMA, When you are discontent You always want more, more, your Desire can never be satisfied. But when you Practice contentment you can say yourself ‘ Oh yes _ I already have every thing that I really need……. The main theme of this passage describe about dissatisfaction to one’self after looking others or we can call “HUNGRY EYES”. I know there is nothing wrong with wanting to have more better stuff in life ,but it leads to discontent or we can call dissatisfaction .We`ll never achieve any thing or truly un happy . it is because we always want more and this behavior of us leads to the attitude of wanting more , want better , want more luxuries in life ….due to this we will disrespect every one we will lost all happiness in life .Our life will become a machine with no brakes!!! As long as we live we spontaneously seeking to fill desires like never ending urge and thus, we become selfish .In the end, dissatisfaction can bring you down and leave u empty.


  1. Question no 1 answer is “argumentative” “c”

  2. I think the answer for the first question should be A.

  3. i also think 1 answer is A.

  4. I think for the first MCQ the answer should be “argumentative” as i did some research on each tone and found out this

    Also in the 5th MCQ “5) What is the similar word of dynamic from the paragraph?” its saying a similar word of dynamic from the paragraph, what does ” from the paragraph” means here? is it referring to the word dynamic or the word we have to find should be from the paragraph , if its from the paragraph i can not find “continuous” in the paragraph.

  5. Also i have one more question about 2nd question,
    As i see the answer is in the whole one paragraph, where as the solution of practice exercises in the lecture 4 in VULMS it is shown something like this

    “1- A computer is a machine with an intricate network of electronic circuits that operate switches or magnetize tiny metal cores. The switches, like the cores, are capable of being in one of two possible states, that is, on or off: magnetized or demagnetized. The machine is capable of storing and manipulating numbers, letters, and characters. The basic idea of a computer is that we can make the machine do what we want by inputting signals that turn certain switches on and turn others, off, or those magnetize or do not magnetize the cores.

    Topic: A computer is a machine.
    Main Idea: We can make the machine do what we want it to do.
    Supporting Idea: Machine capable of storing and manipulating numbers letters, and characters”

    each of the 3 points of topic, main idea and supporting idea is described separately not more than a couple of lines?

  6. Thanks dear, for doing so much for us.

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