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Sunday , 16 May 2021
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jQuery Mobile Icon Bank CS619 Project Spring 2013

This mobile web application will allow users to view, download and rate icons. Designers will add icons to the web site in different resolutions. The icons will be saved in albums. Registered users will view, download, email, and rate icons. Favorite icons feature will also be provided to the registered users. The application will provide filter based search features to search from all the available icons.


The application will be mainly developed in jQuery Mobile frame work. With jQuery Mobile, HTML5 and CSS, mobile web applications can be developed. For server side operations any modern web programming language/technology can be used (Asp.Net, PHP, ROR etc). The application must ensure uniform UI experience across different screensizes (mobile, tablet, normal PC screen).



–            Registered: Designer, Customer, Admin

–            Guest



For All Users:


  1. Search page will allow following options:

–          Cost (Free/Priced)

–          Resolution (16×16, 24×24, 32×32, 48×48, 64×64, 72×72, 96×96, 128×128)

–          Color Scheme (Pure Black n White/Color)


  1. On search results, user should be able to view, and download icons. The view mode will allow customers to view icons in different resolutions (as in previous point).


  1. Rating will be displayed with each icon in search results, and also it will be displayed in View mode.


  1. Top ten (10) rated icons should be displayed on the home page of the application.




For Customer:


  1. On the search page, it should provide same options as mentioned in point number 1, plus the option to assign rating to any icon.


  1. In case of free icon, customer should be able to email the icon (either a URL or the actual icon for email attachment).


  1. In case of priced icon, the customer should be able to email the designer.


  1. Customers should be able to add an icon to the Favorite Icons list. A separate page should be available to manage favorites.


For Designer:


  1. Create albums.


  1. Designer should be able to add, delete, and replace existing icons in the albums.


For Admin:


  1.  Admin will perform following managerial tasks:

–          Add/Update/Delete User

–          Modify content of the About Us/Contact Us page





Additional information:


  • Icons will be provided in PNG format.



jQuery Mobile


Any modern web programming language tools:

(Asp.Net or MVC with C#.Net/VB.Net, PHP, ROR etc)

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