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Saturday , 16 October 2021
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MGT111 GDB 2 fall 2012

Topic of Discussion:

Public Finance

 Total Marks: 30


To make the students aware about the practical scope and application of this concept in developing world



The concept of state today is much more broaden than ever before. Now it is welfare state that strives for the wellbeing of all the masses no matter which economic, social, and religious or any other class they may belong to. Its role becomes more important and helping for the down trodden classes of the society who cannot make the basic needs of their life such as income, education and health etc. It needs to ensure that there is harmony in the society and the few or the rich do not over power the poor ones of the society. It therefore adopts measures to make sure that the underprivileged masses of the society are also getting the opportunities not only to meet the basic requirements of life but also the opportunities to excel in the walk of life as well. It is mandatory for the state for the reason that the market forces are ready to serve the interests of those who can pay for the services rendered rather than those who cannot. It needs to control the market forces from over ridding the masses for their profit interest.



Please explain

how the state can help the down trodden masses of the society

as per the above mentioned paragraph.


1. Use the font style “Times New Roman” and font size “12”.

2. Answer should be relevant and to the point (be concise and precise).

3. Avoid copy/paste from any website otherwise it will be marked zero.

4. Attempt the GDB by yourself and it will be entertained positively.

5. GDB received after the due date will not be considered.

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