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MGT503 GDB 02 Fall 2013 Idea solution

Total Marks 10
Starting Date Monday, January 20, 2014
Closing Date Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Status Open
Question/Description Scenario:

“Quality cables Pvt Ltd” is a well-known and well performing company involved in the business of manufacturing high quality and sophisticated cables. Mr. Aamir, the CEO of company believes that customers are most important asset for the company. Therefore, while making any strategy, company tends to focus on the demands of the customers from quality and safety perspectives. Furthermore, Mr. Aamir realizes the fact that sales staff being closer to the customers can think of better alternatives to satisfy the market demands. Quantifiable performance goals are mutually determined by employees and their managers, progress toward accomplishing these goals is periodically reviewed, and rewards are allocated on the basis of this progress.  Specific goals are established for managers, subunits, and individuals. Participative decision making leads “Quality cables Pvt Ltd” towards success.The requirement:

By looking at the above mentioned scenario, identify the goal setting approach adopted by Quality cables Pvt Ltd. Also provide justifications for your choice.

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