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MGT503 Solved MCQs for mid term Papers

Question No: 1

Which type of plan is used to meet a particular or unique situation?

       ► Tactical plan

► Operational plan

► Single-use plan

► Standing plan

Question No: 2

Many decisions fail after the final choice because of the occurrence of which of the following?

       ► Decision criteria weights were incorrect

► People affected failed to accept the solution

► Satisficing occurred

► Choice was wrong

Question No: 3

Sara has a new job and is learning to perform the tasks assigned to her. Different situations demand different decision-making processes. Sara finds a company directive that specifically restricts her from taking certain actions. It is called:

       ► Rule

► Method

► Broad guideline

► Procedure

Question No: 4

Asad spoke out in a meeting in favor of a potential cost savings that would result from a new employee benefits program offered by the company. He later received information that showed that his initial decision about the cost savings was incorrect, but he was too embarrassed to publicly admit that he was wrong, so he stuck by his original statement. Asad is practicing which of the following?


► Bounded rationality

► Satisficing

       ► Escalation of commitment

► Maximizing

Question No: 5

Which of the following requires managers to select the best alternative from multiple criteria or alternative solutions?

► Escalation of commitment

► Optimizing

► Satisfying

       ► Bounded rationality

Question No: 6

When an alternative is chosen because the manager believes it is “good enough,” to solve his or her problem. It is called:

► Optimizing

       ► Satisficing

► Incomplete

► Maximizing

Question No: 7


As managers move towards the organizational hierarchy, problems are more likely to become which of the following?


► Well-structured

► Ill-structured

► Programmed

       ► Non-programmed

Question No: 8


The ABC Corporation is aware that significant problems are occurring within its production departments. It realizes that competitors are successfully utilizing more modern machinery and processes to better satisfy their customers. The ABC Corporation is currently implementing the necessary steps to upgrade its processing machines in order to resolve the problems it is facing. This is an example of an organization engaging in:


► Decision making

       ► Strategic planning

► Problem identification

► Benchmarking

Question No: 9


The fact that managers make consistent, value-maximizing choices within specified constraints is known as which of the following?


► Implementation of the alternative

       ► Rational decision making

► Irrational decision making

► Decision implementation

Question No: 10

Once a manager has identified a problem, the next step would be the identification of:

► Discrepancies

       ► Decision criteria

► Scenarios

► Factor weights

Question No: 11


EU, NAFTA, FTAA and ASEAN are examples of:


       ► Regional trade alliances

► Foreign airlines

► Soccer teams in Europe

► New multinational corporations

Question No: 12

Which of the following phrases is associated with the definition of organizational culture?


► Individual response

       ► Shared meaning

► Diversity of thought

► Explicit directions

Question No: 13


In a capitalistic economy, economic activity is governed by:


► Market forces

       ► Economic forces

► Cultural forces

► Political forces

Question No: 14

Which of the following approaches recognize differences among organizations and categorizes variables that affect an organization’s performance?

► Process approach

       ► Contingency approach

► Function approach

► System approach

Question No: 15

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of need, a healthy work environment is an example of which of the following need?

► Physiological

       ► Esteem

► Safety

► Social

Question No: 16

Which level of management is responsible for making organization wide decisions and establishing the plans and goals that affect the entire organization?

► Non managerial staff

       ► Top management

► Middle management

► First-line management

Question No: 17


The people who work directly on a job or task and have no responsibility for overseeing the work of others are called:

► First-line managers

► Middle managers

       ► Non managerial staff

► Supervisors

Question No: 18

When the CEO of a large retail store chain decided to sell o

ff or close some of the stores

that were not profitable, he was performing which of the following management functions?

► Leading

► Planning

       ► Controlling

► Organizing

Question No: 19

Hussain is the physician who heads the Critical Care Unit at Mercy Hospital, the most important role that he performs is:

► Informational

► Decisional

       ► Interpersonal

► Functional

Question No: 20


A firm is producing black & white televisions very efficiently but yet not succeeded because black & white television is not so popular. This firm is:

       ► Efficient but not effective

► Efficient as well as effective

► Neither efficient nor effective

► Effective but not efficient

Question No: 21


All of the following are included in the four components of the management process


► Organizing

► Leading

       ► Delegating

► Planning

Question No: 22

Leadership role is important for

► Top level managers

       ► First line managers

► Middle level managers

► Non managerial staff

Question No: 23


Ali is the Branch manager at Mutual Saving Bank. If he is an average middle manager, which of the four management activities is he likely to spend the greatest amount of time?


► Planning

       ► Controlling

► Leading

► Negotiating

Question No: 24


A manager who has a reputation for being open and honest and understands how to motivate employees and customers, is said to have good:

► Conceptual skills

► Political skills

       ► Human skills

► Technical skills

Question No: 25

Manager’s interpersonal skills are known as:


Understand and motivate others

► Coordinate interests and abilities

► Use necessary tools and procedures

► Establish the right connections

Question No: 26

Sociology can be defined as:


 ► The study of people in relation to their fellow human beings

► The study of societies which help to learn about human and their activities

► It is the study of behavior of the individuals or groups within the political environment

► The science that seeks to measure and explains human behavior

Question No: 27

Which of the following is considered to be the father of modern computing?


► Fredrick W Taylor

► Abraham Maslow

       ► Charles Babbage

► Max Weber

Question No: 28

Today it is assumed that organizations will be _____ systems.


► Closed

       ► Open

► Structured

► Non-structured

Question No: 29

Approach highlighting collective responsibility for product and service quality and encouraging individuals to work together to improve quality is called:

► Knowledge management

       ► Total quality management

► Marketing management

► System management

Question No: 30


The science of management usually describes the ________to management issues.

► Rational approach

► Systematic approach

► Quantitative approach

       ► Behavioral approach

Question No: 31


The quantitative approach has contributed directly in the areas of:


       ► Planning and control

► Controlling and leading

► Organizing and controlling

► Planning and leading

Question No: 32


The quantitative approach includes applications of:

       ► Statistics, optimization models, information models and computer simulations

► Statistics, calculator simulations, information models and optimum models

► Information models, scientific simulations, mathematical models and statistics

► Computer simulations, administrative simulations, corporation models and statistics

Question No: 33


Ali has a job that pays him well, he desires to make a contribution to the organization, and he has an active social life. His desire is to become all that he is capable of becoming. Ali is at which of the following need defined by maslow?

► Self-actualization

► Safety

► Social

       ► Esteem

Question No: 34

Hawthorne studies had a dramatic impact on the role of ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________
in organizations.

► Social behavior

► Moral behavior

► Ethical behavior

► Human behavior

Question No: 35

“Specialization increases output by making employees more efficient” it is called:

       ► Division of work

► Authority

► Scalar chain

► Order

Question No: 36

The managerial functions according to Fayol were :


► Commanding, organizing, planning, coordinating and staffing

► Organizing, staffing, commanding, coordinating and controlling

► Controlling, commanding, organizing, planning and leading

       ► Planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling

Question No: 37


The culture of an organization is largely determined by:


► Top management

       ► Employees

► Stockholders

► The company founders

Question No: 38

Mega environment that includes the attitudes, values, norms, beliefs, behaviors and associated demographic trends that are characteristic of a given geographic area is called :

► The legal-political element

► The economic element

► The international element

       ► The socio-cultural element

Question No: 39


In a capitalistic economy, economy activity is governed by:


► Political forces

► Economic forces

Correction by imran shafi dar

► Cultural forces
► Market forces

Question No: 40

Major forces outside the organization with potential to influence significantly a product or service likely to success is called:


► External environment

► Internal environment

► Mega environment

► Task environment


  1. i think question no 39 is false i.e instead of market forces it is economics forces.

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