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MTH202 Latest Final Term paper Fall 2013

MTH202 Final Term Fall 2012   28-02-2013


41. Find a spanning tree of the graph given bellow

MTH202 Final papers

  1. 43.              How many permutations of the letters of the word PANAMA can be made, if p is too be the first letter in each arguments?
  2. 44.              What is the smallest integer N such that [N/9] = 6
  3. 45.              Let the set A and B defined as

A = {(x z+  / x is divisible by 2 but less then 20) }


A = {(y z+  / y is divisible by 3 but less then 30)}


Prove that A B B A


  1. 46.              A bit string is a sequence of 0’s and 1’s How many bit string are there of length?
  2. 47.              Compute [x] and [x] for x = 25/4
  3. 48.              Find the adjacency matrix of the following directed graph

MTH202 Final papers 2

  1. 49.              Find the 36th term of arithmetic sequence whose 3rd term is 7 and 8th term is 17.
  2. 50.              GCD of 500008, 78 using division Algorithm.


  1. 51.              Show that if seven colors are used to point 50 heavy bikes then at least 8 heavy bikes will be of same color.


  1. 52.              Determined whether the graph given below are isomorphic Justify your Answer are discussed regularity of both graph

MTH202 Final papers 3

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