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PHY101 Assignment no 04 Spring 2013

Physics (PHY101) VU of Pakistan
Assignment 4: (Spring 2013)
Due Date: 09/07/2013

DON’T MISS THESE Important instructions:
•  To solve this assignment, you should have good command over first 34 lectures.
•  Upload assignments (Microsoft word) properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
•  Write your ID on the top of your solution file.
•  All students are directed to use the font and style of text as is used in this document.
•  Don’t use colorful back groundsin your solution files.
•  Write to the point and avoid from unnecessary explanation. Don’t copy/paste from internet or any other source.
•  Use Math Type or Equation Editoretc for mathematical symbols.
•  This is not a group assignment, it is an individual assignment sobe careful and avoid copying others’ work. If some assignment is foundto be copy of some other, both will be awarded zero marks. It also suggests you to keep your assignment safe from others. No excuse will be accepted by anyone iffound to be copying or letting others copy.
Don’t wait for the last date to submityour assignment.
Question # 1

PHY101 Assignment no 04 Solution Spring 2013
What is the magnetic flux through this surface shown inabove figure?  Marks = 6

Question # 2

Compass needles point north because Earth’s magnetic north pole is located near the geographic North Pole. Either yes or no explain in each case witha solid reason.   Marks = 5
 Question # 3
PHY101 Assignment no 04 Solution Spring 2013_1Where µ0= 4π× 10-7N/A^2
What is the magnetic field strength and direction at point P shown inabove figure?  Marks = 5
Question # 4
Give your comments on the statement that “Magnetic fields exert a force on all moving electrically charged particles”. If yes explain it, if not prove it.    Marks = 5
Question # 5
Is it possible for an atom’s electrons that can exist at any energy level? Discuss it on the basis of modern theory.  Marks = 5

Question # 6
A student of physics says: “an electron falls from an energy level of -4.5 eV to -7.2 eV. It emits a photon with 2.7 eV of energy”. Give your comment on his claim.  Marks = 4

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